Drug and chemical free antimicrobial technology that could save $billions in health care costs by reducing the spread of infections and viruses

Paul W Kincaid countertop antimicrobial technology design utilizes ultraviolet light to kill viruses & bacteria, to effectively reduce microbe causing viral infections & diseases. Fan draws in surrounding air to continuously decontaminate air in hospitals, seniors special care homes, hotels, motels, restaurants, clubs, offices, stores, workplaces & private dwellings. Designed to decontaminate hands, cell phones, tablets and other devices too.

UV lights are already used in one form or another at water sanitizing and sewage treatment facilities, at military bio-weapons research facilities and at government biotechnology research facilities.

Municipal water and sewage treatment facilities use UV to treat water and sewage because it is very effective at killing virtually all disease causing microorganisms and at a fraction of the cost of using toxic chemicals.  Military bio-weapons facilities utilizes UV to decontaminate their personnel as it also effectively kills man made viruses.  Government biotechnology research facilities keep life threatening bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms contained in rooms that utilizes UV.

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